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Thursday, June 10th 2004

2:35 PM

John McColgan - Consistent Life Ethic Congressional candidate

It is all too rare to find a Congressional candidate running on a consistent life ethic platform. It was encouraging, therefore, to look at the Web site of John McColgan, Democratic nominee in Oregon Congressional District 2, and find that he promises to:

Challenge any threat to the sanctity of human life, including war, euthanasia, cloning, abortion, and capital punishment

McColgan is challenging incumbent Rep. Greg Walden (R), who doesn't have a consistent record on abortion, let alone a good position on the range of life issues. Planned Parenthood reports that Walden supported its preferred position 50% of the time in the period 1995-2003.

McColgan faces a tough battle in this generally Republican district. The Democratic candidate in 2002 got only 26% of the vote. Interest groups generally put their resources into districts which are historically closely contested. But it seems to me consistent life ethic advocates need to look to supporting nominees anywhere who boldly proclaim our views and are attractive candidates. If we can provide the resources to allow such candidates to get a good hearing before the voters, perhaps we can show that progressive pro-life Democratic candidates can do better in difficult districts than the more general run of Democratic politicians.

Oregon may be a particularly friendly place for consistent life ethic candidates. It sent Mark Hatfield, one of the most eloquent supporters of the consistent life ethic position in political life in the last century, to the Senate for several terms.

Today, the wing of the Republican Party that Sen. Hatfield came from is largely defunct. The Democratic Party is today the more logical choice for consistent life ethic advocates. While its leadership has been hostile, there are millions of Democrats at the grass roots who want to see the lives of the unborn protected. And there are many pro-life advocates who switched from the Democratic to the Republican Party over the abortion issue who could be won back by pro-life Democratic candidates.

 -Bill Samuel

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Posted by alicia:

would that the democratic party would reverse its consistent support of death in the womb, but I am not sanguine. I was a registered Democrat until 2000, and I have since been a non-partisan. I do not have a candidate that I can support in the upcoming election, not a one. Even my local races (I currently live in NH, was in OR from 1997 to 2000) the choices are between bad and worse. Let me quote Dorothy Day - "If God had wanted me to vote, He would have provided me with a candidate". that is where I am.
Saturday, June 26th 2004 @ 8:13 PM

Posted by Jay Stockton:

You might wish to know that Oregon Right to Life has refused to endorse McColgan. Their stated reason is that he is not a "viable candidate". I strongly suspect the real reason is that he is not Republican.
Monday, July 5th 2004 @ 2:35 AM

Posted by John McColgan:


I just read your comments regarding my candidacy. Thanks. For your readers information, my website is www.mccolganforcongress.com.

John McColgan
Democratic nominee for US Congress
Oregon, District 2
Monday, September 27th 2004 @ 8:46 PM

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